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31 May 2006 @ 05:31 pm
The non-appointment and changing journals  
Okay so I went to my appointment today. I had to talk with the social worker to see if I'm eligible for treatment. I'm not. My family makes too much money. Money that isn't mine, but since I live at home the income of all adults is included. So, it was a non-appointment. DeeDee (that was the SW's name) gave me a couple of numbers to call to see if I might be eligible for counseling and discounted prescriptions. She told me to lie about who was in the house. *is mucho shocked* I can't lie about that stuff. You'd be able to smell the farce a country away. So, since I'm ineligible for help perhaps my Mom can swing a doctor's appointment for me at the clinic she works at. I know that sometimes the doctor's there see some of their employees family for free as a courtesy. Let's hope. *crosses fingers*


As for the new journal name I haven't decided on it yet. I'm going to be renaming one of my old accounts because I'm a dork who wants my account number to be lower. Plus, whichever account I choose has to have the account number add up to three or a number divisible by three (uh or 19 because I was born on the 19th). Yes, call me a nerd. I wear my nerd badge with pride. *polishes badge*

Have no fear, when I change the name I'll let you all know. This will be the last change ever (unless a new personality/alter ego sprouts from my bosom)! Seriously, stop rolling your eyes. I'm going to be paying fifteen buckaroos just to change my name. I'd be insane to want to change it again.
many_angled_one on June 1st, 2006 08:50 am (UTC)
Its the same over here, if you live with somebody or your parents they add it all up :( It sucks. Hope you get something though.

If you dont feel you can lie then just...omit to mention specific information ;)

Goddess of inSanity: Naughty Myrtlerainbowbite on June 1st, 2006 04:32 pm (UTC)
Yeah it does, but then again I hope this new system is able to better help the really poor people. I hope so too!

Oh yes! I could that. Or I could lie and if they ever found out I could say "Well now, you never specified as to which household of mine you were referring. I used the one I made up." LOL ^_^