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01 June 2006 @ 01:36 pm
Little Boy His Dad and My Sandwich  
I was listening for the mail truck when a little boy and his dad walked down our street. The little boy saw Matt's car and excitedly exclaimed in his high pitched little boy voice "DADDY'S CAR!" His dad calmly said "No, it's not Daddy's car. It's somebody's car, but it's not Daddy's car." The little boy must have decided that the car belonged in his family because he countered with (in just as excited a voice) "MOMMY'S CAR!" Again the Dad replied "It's not Mommy's car. It's somebody's car." Then the little boy said "Daddy's car!" Again the Dad said "No, it's somebody's car." By this time they had walked around the corner so I didn't hear if the little boy said anything else, but it was the cutest conversation.


As for my sandwich, it was a delightfully delicious cheese and barbeque chips on white bread. Mom asked what it was and when I told her it was a chip sandwich she said "Have I ever told you that some of the things you eat are gross and weird?" ROFL. I didn't think a chip sandwich was that weird. I guess it ranks together with my butter and sugar sandwiches that I sometimes crave. Mom likes those though. She's the one who made me my first sugar sandwich years ago.
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