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Goddess of inSanity
25 March 2006 @ 06:18 pm
Apparently, today (besides my Grandpa's birthday) is National Pecan Day. I didn't even know pecans had a day. ROFL

So to all of you:

Have a nutty and crackin' good day! ^_^
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Goddess of inSanity
25 March 2006 @ 05:30 pm
I've just returned from Angela's Home and Garden party. I had a blast. There was a ton of good food to eat. Her mother-in-law (who's from Mexico and only staying 'til June so I was especially blessed to get to try her dish) made this delicious food. I keep forgetting the name of it, but she handmade the tortillas and filled them with meat. OMG soooo gooooood. Then Linda (my cousin's Mom) made these mousse cups with heavy cream, nestle chocolate cocoa powder, and coffee. It's very simple to make, but tastes heavenly. I felt so guilty for not being able to buy anything from the lady who was the demonstrator. Even though I didn't buy anything she still let me choose a gift from the gift basket. I chose a pizza cutter with a plastic blade. My Dad doesn't have one and it'd be good to bring over to his house when I wanted to cook a frozen pizza.

After the party Angela, her sister, her Mom, Sheila, Angela's sister-in-law, Angela's mother-in-law, and I all sort of just vegged out for awhile before heading home. While we were just relaxing and enjoying each others company we decided to try and predict the sex of Angela's baby (she's due in April). We did the tie the expectant mother's wedding band to a string and hold it over her stomach baby sex predictor. The only problem was that none of us could remember how which way was which. Angela's sister thought it was if the ring swung in a circle it's a girl and if it swung back and forth it's a boy. Well, it swung in a circle so we decided she's carrying a girl. Since we didn't really know how to do it we all laughed and said "Well now we know what you're having. A baby." ROFL ^_^


I have nothing else to say except today is my Grandpa's birthday. Happy Birthday, Grandpa. I you. May this year bring you lots of happiness, good luck, and lots of money. ^_^
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Goddess of inSanity
24 March 2006 @ 11:41 pm
I just entered my name in the goblet of fire. Please sign up for the contest too and vote for me (each day if you would please). Give me the name they send you and I'll vote for you each day as well.

One more thing...If you win the contest Please, please, please take me with you. {/end of begging} ^_^

Click the picture to register and cast your vote for me (AMBERN8206).

Thank you so very much.


P.S. Check out my newest GoF icon (it's the user icon of this entry). Gotta love the bath scene.
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Goddess of inSanity
23 March 2006 @ 11:28 pm
Well the Herald Argus interview fell through. She apparently decided to hire somebody else before my interview was scheduled to happen today. Sadness. ;_; I'll just keep looking in the paper and reapplying when new jobs at the newspaper are available.

Tonight Mom, Phil, and I visited with my Grandparents. Grandma Jones (my Great-Grandma) had eye surgery to remove cataracts this past tuesday. She's doing really well and looks like a movie star when she wears her dark glasses.

After visiting with the G-folks we skidaddled to Wally-World and after dropping off some paper tape at my Grandparent's house we drove to Mancino's where I enjoyed a delicious Italian Grinder. <---Long run-on sentences rock when you're too lazy to put in a period. 8)

I'm making new icons for my new journal(s). I've just finished my Ron's Dress Robes icon. It's the icon of this post. Sooo cute, well I think anyway. It's not as good as I wanted it, but I was determined to use the lettering type you see in the icon. I tried to make them smaller so that I could do a cute border, but if they were resized to a small font size you couldn't read them.
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Goddess of inSanity
22 March 2006 @ 05:18 pm
I went to my interview today. It lasted all of fifteen minutes, so I didn't really have enough time to get too nervous. I was more nervous filling out the application. I nearly threw up then which is totally backwards. LOL! I think it went very well. The full-time position is for a new department within the company. It may be temporary, but it would give me a job (which is number one!) and it would get my foot in the door for any permanent positions that opened up.

I had an epiphany about working last night. I finally realized why I get so depressed when I have a steady job. It isn't because I don't like to work (I especially love the paychecks but who doesn't? :D). The reason I get so depressed and feel no joy toward the future is because when I have a job where my hours are set after awhile I start to feel trapped and caged like those poor wild animals in zoo environments. I guess this is just one of those character flaws I'm going to have to work on.

According to my source (which is really me but "my source" sounds so much more sophisticated) I have another interview tomorrow for a part-time position in the customer service/circulation department of the local newspaper (The Herald Argus). This job (it's part-time which honestly wouldn't bother me) would be wonderful to have. I'd get my foot in the door and then after awhile maybe (if a job opened up) I could move up to the editing department. OOOO! And then I could write a little weekly column. They just lost a long time journalist (uh not lost as in 'her long dead body is now decomposing six feet under') whose weekly column was basically about her musings on life. Heck I muse about life all the time. If that (getting to write a small column) ever did happen it would do two things for me. The first is I would be able to officially consider myself a published writer and I'd have an actual professional credential to add to my cover letters when I start sending out my manuscripts to publishers (and eventually agents). The second (and most important in the banning procrastination front) is that having a column would teach me how to work efficiently under a deadline.

Both of these jobs would be a good fit for me, but please keep your fingers crossed that I'm offered the job at the Herald Argus. Thank you.
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Goddess of inSanity
21 March 2006 @ 04:49 pm
Yesterday Phil drove all the way out to Dad's to take me to put in an application at this Vision company's collection agency. I'd accidentally turned off Dad's phone (whoops) and he (and my cousin Angela) had been trying to call me. I turned off the phone again later in the evening (on purpose) because I was cleaning and didn't want to be disturbed. My cousin Angela works for the company and gave me the heads up about putting in an application because her company is currently in the hiring process for a new department they are creating. I'm glad she did (I'm also glad I put in the application right away) because I got called in for an interview tomorrow at 1:30pm. I also received a call back from The Herald Argus for their customer service position. The lady hiring asked me to call her back and I will do so tomorrow. I'd have done it today, but I saved her phone number in an email (and deleted the voice mail message doh!X-/) and the server my hotmail account is on is temporarily down. So, as soon as I get the number I'll call her back. Two possible job opportunities in the same day. Yippie! ^_^

Plus if those don't pull through the license branch is hiring now and their starting salary is close to ten dollars an hour (or so I've heard).

So, I'm very excited. *dances*
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Goddess of inSanity
21 March 2006 @ 03:58 pm
Dad, Jeremy, and Ginger made it back home safe and sound. When the walked in the door their bleary eyes told me they were quite knackered from all the traveling they'd done yesterday. However, Jeremy had class in the morning and wanted to attend so after about twenty minutes he and Ginger rounded up Hugo, put him in his cage (a feat the faintest of hearts dare not attempt), and off they went back to Bloomington which is approximately a four hour drive from here. They made it there safely after going through wretched white-out blizzard conditions near Indianapolis.

As Jeremy was loading up their car Ginger surprised me with a bag full of Souvenirs she had bought me while they were in France and Germany. I was so totally shocked. I wasn't expecting anything and she piles the gifts on me like it was christmas. YAY! ^_^

She bought me a miniature flowerpot with a flower scented candle (I think it reads "Thank You", but I'm only guessing seeing as how I don't speak (or read) German), a cute goofily grinning yellow kitty bank with a key, a knight and matching horse action figure, and a little blank journal with Marie Antoinette's portrait. Then she totally shocked me and left me speechless. After buying all of those gifts for me she also presented me with a cheque for a hundred dollars for taking care of Hugo. Oh my gosh, I wasn't expecting anything. I enjoyed taking care of Hugo and getting to cuddle with him and listen to him purr was enough payment. I politely refused the check (she'd already outdone herself with the gifts she brought me), but she insisted I keep it. I now have almost all of the money that I owe Sears. YAY! If I could I'd send Ginger a thousand thank-you notes. I love all of my gifts and the money will keep me from getting yet another bad mark on my credit due to the lack of having a job. I thank her with all my heart.

My Dad also surprised me with a couple of gifts. He bought me this beautiful blue and white egg with cut-out hearts. It is so dainty and pretty that I can't wait until I can get a stand to prop it on and display it in my room. He also gave me some Euro and Euro cent coins (at least one of every denomination). This was one of the best souvenirs he could have brought me. I've been wanting them for a long time. I know they probably aren't that big a deal to those who actually use them and see them every day (just like here I really don't get excited over seeing dead presidents on my money), but to me they are treasures. When I'm finally able to go visiting overseas I won't bring them because they were my first and they are special to me (doubly so since they were also a gift from Dad). Dad also took somewhere around 15 rolls of film (12 color and 3 black and white) and he's going to give me a few pictures for souvenirs as well.
Once again, YAY!

I'm glad they made it back safely and I'm extremely happy with my gifts. Thanks to all of them.
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Goddess of inSanity
15 March 2006 @ 04:11 am
Yesterday in the wee morning hours I watched Goblet of Fire (finally). Oh my gawd it was wonderful. *;_; tears of happiness ;_;* I can't believe people gave it bad reviews. It felt a bit rushed in the very beginning, but other than that I found it to be an enjoyable experience. Sure it didn't stay true to the book (for example it was Dobby who gives Harry the Gillyweed in the book and not Neville), but a movie is different from a book. Movies should be judged on their own merits and I give HP GoF five gold stars. I am so glad that Matt bought it for me. He's so thoughtful. ^_^
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Goddess of inSanity
10 March 2006 @ 02:22 am
Yesterday (early in the morning) Dad, Jeremy, and Ginger left for Europe. They flew to D.C. and from there to Paris. My Dad hadn't been overseas since he was in his early twenties and in the army. We'd been talking about this trip and he told me that back then he really wasn't interested in the sights. When he was in his twenties he was interested in partying and living it up with his friends. He also hadn't been into photography and this time he's looking forward to taking pictures. I'm looking forward to seeing the photos. My Dad is an excellent photographer so I know that many (if not most or all) of the photographs will be magazine worthy. Photography really is my Dad's greatest gift. His knack for capturing the vibrant essence of his subjects is remarkable. I hope they (Dad, Jeremy, and Ginger) have a wonderful slightly-less-than two weeks in Germany and France.
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Goddess of inSanity
27 February 2006 @ 01:35 am
Jordan! Jordan! Jordan! Jordan!

YAY! Hee. ^_^ I am so happy right now. I've just come from one of the best concerts ever. It took me back to the day! That's right! Back. In. The. Day. Backin the day when New Kids On The Block was a fashion statement. Back to a time when every fan wanted to have the Right Stuff, when every NKOTB fangirl wanted Jonathan, Jordan, Danny, Donnie, or Joseph (or all five if you swung that way *blushes* which I didn't 'cause I was like nine *blushes some more*) to ask "Won't you Be My Girl?", and when every fan wanted to have a Funky Funky Christmas.

I wore my New Kids banner proudly for many many years. I was such a die hard fan (still am) and when they reunite I am definitely goin' to that concert. Well I'll going if I can afford it and if I can find my way. Seriously, my sense of direction is so bad I get lost when I turn my head (Oh alright! I have slightly better navigational skills than that). Hopefully, they won't have their reunion concert for a couple of years because right now I'm so poor my boogers and snot have to hang a "Will work for food" sign off my nose.

New Kids On The Block was my very first concert. I still have the ticket stub and the concert book my Mom bought for me as a souvenir. I can still remember it to this day (not that I'm like 80 or anything). I sat in the balcony (waaaaaay in the back, but who cares 'cause I was there) with my Mom and brother Jeremy. Jeremy and I just sat there and my Mom actually had to show us how to wave our hands in the air and rock to the music. I remember Jeremy, Mom and I standing at the balcony handrail (our seats were the first row in the balcony). I also remember that I could barely see my boyzies (well okay not mine, but I can pretend can't I?) and we had to share this pair of binoculars (otherwise the members of the NKOTB looked like little ant people). The first part of my very first concert was great, but then a bunch of teenage girls shoved me aside and I couldn't see any of the New Kids for most of the rest of the concert. My Mom tried to steer Jeremy and I (two poor shrimpy little kids (well compared to the teens)) to the front again, and eventually toward the end she succeeded and I got to see the New Kids On The Block once again before they took their final curtain call.

Ah yes, my first concert was a night to remember. One of the best parts after the concert was being the center of attention at school the following day. I was the kid everyone picked on (from grammar through high school) and for one day the teasing stopped and I wore a smile on my face.

Oh and to this day I swear I met Jordan Knight in person the very next day after my very first concert. I was home from school (Jeremy and I got to skip school the day after the concert because we got home way past our bedtimes) and I heard this knock on our door. I go to open it and standing in front of me is Jordan Knight and a tour bus was parked in front of our house. Jordan needed directions because they had gotten lost and (as luck would have it) had ended up on our street. Did I squeal? Nope. My brain was having trouble believing that I could have the good fortune to actually meet one of my heroes in person. Did I do anything to reveal that I was a huge fan and would have given anything to meet all of his bandmates? Not even a fangirl giggle slipped past my mouth. What did I do when he asked for directions? I said that I didn't know how to get where he was going, pointed my finger to my next door neighbor's house and said "But I bet my neighbor knows". He said "thanks" and I said "You're Welcome" and then I closed the door. I'm pretty sure I didn't close it on his face, but I might have. Even if he was one of my favorite stars in the world he was still a stranger to me and I wasn't supposed to talk to strangers. I wasn't supposed to answer the door either which was why I was so anxious to close the door back up and lock it. If only I had been brave enough to ask for an autograph. I did eventually get my autograph years later. He was opening for *NSYNC and had autographed some copies of his new CD and I practically shoved my brother (who was kind enough to endure the *NSYNC concert for me) and asked him to buy me one of the autographed cds. Someday however I'd like to get his (and the rest of the former members of NKOTB's)autograph in person because otherwise it's just not the same.

Anyway I was one of those geeks who listened to New Kids non-stop years after they went out of style. During the day I read my New Kids books, watched the cartoons, and played with my Jonathan doll. Then each night when I was tucked into bed I snuggled up with my New Kids On The Block sleeping bag.

I loved every single one of the New Kids songs. Ever since they found a place in my heart I have not found a single musical act where I loved every song. Some have come close, but none have truely taken my heart away like the New Kids did. So, from now until forever New Kids will always be #1 in my heart.

Geez I am so long winded. I haven't even gotten to last night's concert. The concert (in the BlueChip Casino's Grand Ballroom) started off with some hip hop and rap. There were these two guys who sang first (I kept missing their names) and then Mic One came onstage. Then Jeff Timmons (of 98 degrees) sang some songs including I do and The Hardest Thing. OMG He is so hawt! *droolz* When Jeff was done it was time for JORDAN! YAAAAAAAAAY! You're still just as sexay as evah <3 *blows kisses* ^_^ The entire concert was standing room only and I was maybe fifteen feet from the stage (if even that). Jordan sang some of his songs as well as some of the NKOTB songs including step by step. Even though I didn't scream and mostly stood there watching him intently (I can't help it, I like to observe and I like to study the beat of the music) I had a blast. I even got lots of pictures and with the zoom feature some of the pics look like he and Jeff were looking right at me. Yep I'm happy. ^_^

Well gosh! I feel so guilty. I wrote up a gigantic memory post from my first concert, but the poor concert from last night only got a little paragraph. *strokes and pets the recent concert's paragraph to make it feel better* Anyway yep great concert. It was one of the best birthday presents I've ever received (my birthday was a week prior to the concert). My Mom even bought me Jordan's CD The Fix as a kickass souvenir. After the concert ended (and before we left to go home) we sat for a few minutes (to ease our aching feet) then Mom and I went into the Bluechip Casino and I ended up winning eight dollars from the nickel slots.

OH MY GOSH! I just had a thought. Some day in the future New Kids Music will be played on the oldies stations! O_O Well, then maybe they'll get together again (like the members of the beach boys) when they're really old and do more get-together concerts. Of course if they ever get together when they've all got gray/white hair they'll have to rename themselves to "OLD FOGEYS 'ROUND THE CORNER" Bwhahahahaaa! ^_~

A splendidly spectacular evening was had.
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Goddess of inSanity
26 February 2006 @ 01:03 pm
Not much to say except tonight is the Jordan Knight concert. Yay! ^_^ His brother Jon was my favorite new kid, but Jordan ranked right up there with his bro.

Former NKOTB Fans, Unite!
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Goddess of inSanity
9 lasts*

last cigarette: Ew! Yuck! Ptooey! (Last Time I smoked it was in middle school and only long enough to learn how to blow smoke rings)
last beverage: water
last kiss: can't remember
last movie seen: Theater: Brokeback Mountain (OMG So HOT and WONDERFUL) Home: March of the Penguins
last phone call: Dad, Jeremy, and Matt all called to wish me a Happy Birthday
last cd played: Evanescence~Fallen
last person you saw: My Mom just came downstairs a bit ago to get some food out of the freezer
last bubble bath: I detest baths
last time you cried: last night
*8 have you evers*

Have you ever dated someone twice: no, never really dated (I'm afraid I'm socially-awkward)
have you ever skinny dipped: Well I was skinny before elementary school...LOL! But no.
have you ever kissed somebody and regreted it: No
have you ever fallen in love: Not that I'm aware...does pining over certain fictional vampires count?
have you ever lost someone you loved: As in death? Yes
have you ever been depressed: My depression used to control me...so yeah
have you ever been drunk and thrown up: never been drunk (Oh how I've tried)
*7 states you've been to*

1. Indiana
2. Tennessee
3. Florida
4. Michigan
5. Missouri
6. Illinois
7. Kentucky
*6 things you've done today*

1. emailed a couple of places my resume
2. petted my cats
3. played games on addictinggames.com
4. chatted with Misty on MSN (we couldn't get the voice chat to work though darn it all)
5. read emails
6. watched the Olympic Ice Dancing competitions
*5 favorite things in no order*

1. *New Fave* Ben and Jerry's Mudslide ice cream
2. listening to music
3. reading books
4. my lucky rock
5. my stuffed animals (especially my cabbage patch doll and my care bears)
*4 people you can tell pretty much anything to*

1. Allison
2. Misty
3. Strangers
4. my family
*3 wishes*

1. *secretly makes most important wish so it'll come true*
2. to lose enough weight to weight 125-145 pounds
3. to have at least one book published
*2 things you want to do before you die*

1. find out where my birth father's ancestors hailed
2. visit Ireland, Scotland, England, New Zealand, Australia, France and Germany
*You regret*
Nothing. I wish I could undo some things and start certain parts of my life over, but I regret nothing. Well okay that's not true I regret losing contact from a once dear friend (Elokin).
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Goddess of inSanity
20 February 2006 @ 08:01 pm
I had a wonderful birthday yesterday. I went to church with my Mom and Phil where my Grandpa jokingly threatened to drag me up to the altar and give me my birthday spankings. I think he was joking. ROFL! After the service Mom and Phil took me out to eat at Round the Clock for breakfast where I enjoyed a grecian omelette with tomatoes and feta cheese. I just want to note here how much I love feta cheese.

When we finished with breakfast we headed home where Mom presented me with a bag full of my presents. I was shocked. "I get presents?" I delightedly asked. My Mom replied with "Well duh. It's your birthday what d'you think?" Seriously though I wasn't expecting anything so getting presents was absolutely great. I guess I should have know since this past friday my Dad gave me $45 dollars ($20 for cleaning is home and $25 for my birthday), but I really wasn't expecting to be given such wonderful presents.

Since I know you all are just dying to know what I received (please excuse the self-centered conceitedness) I'm going to quench your curiosity right now. Tucked away in the bag and individually wrapped in tissue paper (which my cats loved) were (in no particular order) maxi pads (a necessity)shower gel, a strawberry shortcake shower poof (very C-U-T-E), a promise to get me tickets for the upcoming Jordan Knight concert (yep that's right I am a former New Kids On The Block geek), a powerball ticket (didn't win the $365 million though, shucks), three scratch-off lottery tickets of which I won on all three (Yay I'm now $4 richer!), a golden watch (I wear it on my right hand so I can wear two. I'm thinking of setting it to London time), a box of 94 crayola crayons, a care bears coloring book (I ♥ Care Bears), a kitkat bar, and the Evanescence CD Fallen. When I unwrapped the cd I squealed. I was so excited! After putting all the songs on my ipod today I've been listening to my favorite song "Imaginary" almost non-stop.

I also created three new journals (
). When I decide which one to use for my main journal I'll let you know. The other two will be my poetry journal, and possibly my writing career journal.

Later on we went over to my Grandparent's house where Mom put 26 candles (I tried to get her to leave one off but she wouldn't) on the cake, lit them and they (Mom, Phil, Grandpa, Grandma, Grandma Jones) sang happy birthday to me (after I started them up and sang along ^_^). Then I bowed my head and clasped my hands to make my wishes and everyone burst out laughing. I started laughing too and kept shushing them. "Shhhh stop laughing! I can't concentrate on my wishes if you make me laugh," I scolded through my own laughter. When I finished making my wishes I blew out the candles. The flames were extinguished so quickly I was taken off guard. I'd been prepared to blow as hard as I could to put out all the flames in one breath so my wish would have a chance to come true. As it turned out, I hardly had to blow at all and they puffed out freakishly quickly. I may have aged a year (wait-I forgot that I'm not aging anymore lol), but at least my lungs still have a good capacity for air which is good for an air addict such as myself.

As my birthday wound down I sat in quiet reflection, read random passages from my bibles, wrote down my New Year's resolutions (I believe all of our true new years begins on their birthdays), and colored in my coloring book.

I didn't really do anything on my birthday that would excite most people, but I'd have to say it was one of the best birthdays I have ever had. I especially loved getting to spend it with my family. I love them all and it was especially wonderful because my Great-Grandma Jones was there to celebrate with me. Not many people have their Great-Grandparents still alive when they turn 26 so I feel extra blessed this year.

P.S. Ben and Jerry's Mudslide ice cream is now one of my favorites. *licks lips*
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Goddess of inSanity
19 February 2006 @ 09:40 am
to Me

*Lights the candles on her virtual birthday cake, makes a wish, and blows them out. Then she cuts slices for all of her LJ friends and passes them out.*

As the above proclaims today is my birthday. I have now reached the ripe old age of 26 25 the sequel.

As this is the true beginning of my New Year I shall reaffirm my resolutions (possibly adding some more) by writing them down again today.

My Mom baked me a yellow cake with chocolate pudding frosting and I can't wait to taste it. My Mom's pudding cakes are the best. I also can't wait to make my birthday wishes. I usually wake up just before the time I was born to make a wish at the exact time of my birth (because I think it's more special that way and has more power), but today my alarm didn't wake me. So, this year I'll settle for making a wish three hours (3 is my birth number) after the time of my birth. Yep, I'm all about wishes and dreams.

This year I'll make two wishes. I'll let you know one (the other I can't tell you or it might not come true). I wish for all of you to have a good day.

Love and hugs for all,

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Goddess of inSanity
15 February 2006 @ 02:20 am
I had one of the scariest moments of my life last night. I had opened up my front door to see if there was a star to wish on and one of my cats snuck out. I only had the door open a teeny tiny bit with my foot guarding it, but he managed to slip out without my noticing. I am so happy that he got scared and hunkered by the house (if he would have bolted I would have chased after him until I caught him even if it took all night). I'm also glad that he is conditioned to run or make noise whenever he hears the treats being shook and that even though I didn't feel him brush against me I knew something was wrong.

Thank God, Goddess, Jesus, The Almighty, The One for making sure my Callie-Kins stayed safe.

When I brought him inside I gave him a stern "don't you ever scare sissy like that again" and afterwards a few extra long cuddles. Now that the horror is over I'm going to tell my Mom that she is so wrong about the boys (our cats) being too scared to set foot outside (they just get super scared when they do). I knew they would go out if they saw the chance. Maybe now they'll believe me when I freak over people standing with the door open. You can't tell me he won't do it because he just did last night. My babies are declawed so they couldn't protect themselves in the big scary world.
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Goddess of inSanity
14 February 2006 @ 08:20 pm
Happy Hearts and Love day!!!

For those who are against love and happiness; Happy St. Valentine's Day Massacre!!!

Goddess of inSanity
07 February 2006 @ 04:22 pm
Well kiddos the day has come. My new premium cafepress shop is open for business. I'll be adding new photos and "word" items daily so visit often. I'll also be making custom products for anyone who would like me too. If you want something of yours on a t-shirt, mug,mousepad, etc just let me know.

Click here to visit MysticGem's Shop
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Goddess of inSanity
03 February 2006 @ 07:15 pm
OMG! My dad is paying for me to get a premium shop on cafepress. I just created it last night. Once I get all my items from my other stores imported and the look of the store the way I want I'll post a link to my store.

While it is better to have a store that focuses on similar items I'm going to be using mine in two (and eventually three categories). One will be photographs, another will be my word phrases, and the other (once I get some done) will be of my art work. There will be a main page where you click on a picture to take you to the type of stuff you want to see. Once you get there you will see examples of everything. If you find a picture,art,or phrase that you like you'll just click on the picture to see all the available items for that particular picture/art/phrase. Then you just click on what you want to add it to your shopping cart and once you're done shopping you just checkout via cafepress.

Now I need to decide on the best words to use to generate the most possible hits when people type in the key words. Everything must tie together so I'll take a day or two to think up the key phrases.

I should have everything up and running before the end of the week.
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