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Wish upon a Star!

Believe in the magic of dreams.

Goddess of inSanity
19 February
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All about Me!

I have now reached the age of 26 25 the sequel and am now past the quarter century marker. OMG can you believe it? ::clings to her youth:: No-no-no I won't give it up.

My favorite thing to do in the world is use my imagination. My nature is of the creative type and if I'm able to utilize my talents through my writing, scrapbooking, or any of the other projects that I'm constantly starting (and sometimes not finishing) then I'm very happy. I'm also perfectly happy to entertain myself with my weapon that is always cocked and ready to be fired at will. I meant my imagination. What were you thinking? O_o

I guess you could say that I'm a loner. I am perfectly content being by myself, but I also enjoy being with people. I love to observe and listen. I'm always ready to hear a good story about someone's past. I have wonderful friends and a great family, but for the most part I prefer to be alone (with my cats). I get my best ideas for my manuscripts when it is just me and my imagination working together without interruption.

I'm currently single and very happy to be so. I'm not actively looking for "that special somebody" but I'm also open to the possiblity that fate may lead me to my soulmate while I'm not looking for him/her.

My spirituality is very important to me. I believe that there is a higher power of which I know as God, Goddess, Jesus, The Almighty, The One. I also believe that this higher power conforms to the needs of those who seek. We were all created to have different interests, skills, and personalities. Why wouldn't we have different religions? I only ask this because I don't believe that people who aren't practitioners in a certain religion are going to hell (or wherever). I have a bible and sometimes I attend church with my family, but I prefer to walk down my own spiritual path. I am a Spiritual Christian/Pagan.

If you know me then you also know that I am very eccentric. I love this part of my personality. I feel that my crackpot ways add spice to the lives of those around me. My personality also lets me be open to many things. I believe in magick, vampires, and psychic powers (I'm still trying to develop mine). I believe in love between both hetero and homosexuals. Love isn't a thing, it's a feeling. Who cares what package it comes in as long as you have it. I've never dated a girl (or guy outside of middle school-sad I know), but if meet a gal who makes me happy and shivers of pleasure down my spine whenever I'm near her then I'll date a girl. I just want to be loved.

The dreams that I have when I sleep are very important to me. I live for my dreams. Much like a book they take me to places I would otherwise not get to visit and allow me to do things I'm not able to do in this reality.

I am in the process of writing a few books that I hope to get published once they are finished. Okay well so far "process" means I'm in the planning stages. If you would, please read that last sentence like this "Damn girl! Its taken you over a year to come up with the character names?!" Heh so I'm picky. I'll get the manuscripts written...eventually. Hehehe I just need to stop planning and write. Yep. ::makes mental note of that::

My sense of humor is...well...quirky. I often laugh at little jokes that I made myself. I get amused easily. Most of the time people don't get my humor, but that's okay. As long as I get it that's all that matters. If I try to get someone to realize that I thought something was funny I usually say things like "Get it?" and "Hardy-har-har".

I guess that's enough about me. If you want to know me then add me to your friends list. New friends are always welcome.


Goals to be completed before I die (I'm hoping I still have at least 70+ years left so my goals should be attainable LOL):
1. Lose Weight (I don't want to be skinny just a normal weight for my body type.)
2. Land at least one walk-on role in a television series.
3. Write and Publish at least one book.

Your angel is trying to tell you that...you're a
dreamer. Often times, people can find you off
in lala-land, thinking about being somewhere
else or doing something else. You find peace of
mind in your dreams and you hope that one day
they'll come true. But really, sometimes you
need to get your head out of the clouds to
truly live life!
Song: Imaginary- Evanescence

What is your angel trying to tell you?!?!? _-=Great pics=-_
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Ah yes. One more thing. One of these days I am going to have to introduce you to Watilion. He is the monster that lives in my dryer. He loves to eat up socks so that when my laundry is folded there is always that one sock that lost the battle in the dryer. Its sad really. Everytime this happens, the lost sock's partner cries for its M.I.A loved one. The surviving sock then spends the rest of its short lived days as a lonely survivor of the dryer terror. One of these days I shall catch Watilion and expose him to the world. Oh yessssssss. Then the socks shall rest in peace.

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