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08 April 2006 @ 09:02 pm
Olivia Angelica Ruiz  
My cousin Angela had her baby on thursday April 06, 2006. She and her husband Oscar named her Olivia Angelica. I went up to visit Angela in the hospital today and I bought her a 'Congratulations on your new baby' card as well as two guardian angel coins (one with 'Olivia' on it and the other with 'Angela' printed on it). When Oscar came I felt guilty because I hadn't thought to get him a guardian angel coin. Now that I know that he would have liked one if I see one with his name on it I'll get it for him.

Olivia was born three weeks early. Earlier in the week Angela had started to feel excruciating pain and had gone to the hospital to find out what was wrong. Twice, the emergency room staff told her that she was just having contractions and to go home. Angela and Oscar did as they were told. After awhile the pain went away long enough for Angela to get a few hours of good sleep. When she woke up she was in even more pain and they went back to the hospital. This time the staff apparently took her seriously and ordered some blood work. When her test results came in her platelets had dropped to 17 which meant that she was in danger. Her doctor was called and she had to have an emergency C-section. My cousin almost died (and she would have died if they had sent her home this third time) because no one believed her that something was wrong. That just totally sickens me. My mom's a very good nurse and when I get pregnant I want her there with me. She knows all of that medical jargon and I know that she'd be livid if her baby almost died because some ignorant person was too busy to help me.

Well with that little rant over I now must gush over the adorableness that is my new cousin. OMG! She is so cute! She's so tiny and Angelic (her name fits! ^_^). She has a full head of black hair. Angela calls her 'Mommy's little mohawk baby' because Olivia has a few areas of hair that like to stick straight up. She's been spending most of the time in the nursery under the light to help her jaundice, but I did get to see her several times. She is just so adorable. I can't wait until the baby shower so I can see her (and Angela) again. Hopefully Mom and I'll give her a few books that are in Spanish and in English because they are a bilingual family. I'll even write a poem for a gift. ^_^

I babies.
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