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30 May 2006 @ 04:58 pm
Speak a language to me--speak to me in modauese.  
I finally got an appointment with the free clinic (actually Grandma and Grandpa made it for me) to see a doctor. I have to bring a piece of mail to prove that I live where I say I live, proof of three month's income for everyone in the house over 18 (which I think is stupid because if I can't be on Mom and Phil's insurance because I'm too old why should I have to give the clinic my Mom and Phil's personal income information?), my work history printed at the unemployment office (I did that today--thanks to Grandpa for picking me up so I could), and a utility bill, rent lease, or mortgage. I hope the stuff I bring will be enough. My appointment is tomorrow. I've been nervous all day. Things will be alright though (just reassuring myself) and since I tend to have a problem expressing how I really feel (I'm a pro at saying "I'm fine" when I'm not) I'm going to write down things to say to the doctor (or whoever sees me) so that if I clam up I can just read the paper.


I spent the night at Dad's last week and enjoyed my time with him and Gertie. She got a hair cut a couple weeks ago and is so adorable. The power went out (only for half the trailer park) for a few hours. Dad and I sat on the deck where it was cooler than the inside of the trailer. Gertie came outside with us and all three of us just enjoyed the nice breeze. We kidded with each other about Mom having a cookout for memorial day.

Dad: "So is your Mom having a cookout?"
Me: "For memorial day? We'll probably cook out but we're not have a cookout."
Dad: "Are you using the grill?"
Me: "Yes"
Dad: "Is the grill outside?"
Me: "Yes."
Dad: "Then you're having a cookout."

LOL! That's our new inside joke. Now whenever I talk to him he asks "Having a cookout?" *Smiles*


It's been so hot and humid these past few days. I can't sleep when I'm hot and sweaty so I haven't gotten the zzzzzzz's that my body wants me to have. I already have a messed up sleep schedule. Some days I'm an insomniac who can't fall asleep til four or five a.m. and only sleep a few hours when I do reach my slumber altitude, but I am energized when I awake. On other days I can't seem to sleep enough and thus spend those days nodding off in a chair and then after a day of mostly sleeping I turn in really early because I'm tired. Luckily, we've had a few rainstorms that have cooled things off a bit. I love the rain.


We (Mom, Phil, and I) have been sitting on the deck in the evenings to enjoy the cool night air. They've had a lot of fun laughing at me because I'm jumpy around bugs (Yes, I am a total girly-girl when it comes to being all squealy around insects). I startle easily and they've just had a grand old time making me jump. I have proven that I have good reflexes though. LOL!


Mom and I are good at understanding each other when no one else in the house can. Mom came up with our new language name. We understand each other because we speak Modauese. *cracks up with laughter*


Last night, Mom, Phil, and I had eight o'clock margaritas. Mom said "I can't wait 'til midnight (she's usually in bed by ten) so I'm making 8 o'clock margaritas. Want one?" They were lemon-lime flavored and very good...although I prefer daiquiris.


Today while sitting in the recliner I was startled by a blue jay. The jay had landed right next to our picture window and was pressing it's gray beak to the window looking in. Little birdie was so cute and only a couple of feet away from me. He flew off when I unreclined the chair. He was so cute though! I also saw an orange butterfly flit right by the same window. I swear its wings brushed the glass because it was so close. I heart butterflies and pretty birdies. *smiles*
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